(Part 1) 06 28 2017 Army Veteran Escort, Church in Hillsboro Oregon to Willamette National Cemetery

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This escort was for a U.S. Army Veteran. We originated at a church in Hillsboro Oregon and ended at Willamette National cemetery in Portland. The escort lead was SGT. Williams, followed by SGT. Hobby, Capt. Rasmussen, CPL. Dostal, Officer Meli and Officer Moran.

The O’ Jays – Love Train (Home Free Cover)

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Song: Love Train
Originally Performed By: The O’ Jays
Artist: Home Free
Producer: Darren Rust
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Green Shoe Creative

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Daily Promise and Prayer by Bro.P.Satish Kumar From Calvary Temple – 07.09.2017

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Calvary Temple – Biggest & Fastest Growing Church in India!

Bro. Satish Kumar started his Walk with God at an early age of 12. Bro started to recognize the Almighty’s voice and know Gods will for his life and ministry. This has been the secret of his success and has laid a strong foundation for his ministry over the years.

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Bro. Satish Kumar started the CALVARY TEMPLE with 25 people on June 5th 2005 in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, India. At present, there are more than 100,000 members who worship the Almighty in this temple.
God has equipped him to preach the word of God with His power and authority. He adopted his preaching method from Jesus Christ, i.e. preaching the word with illustrations and parables. This greatly helped people to understand the word and apply it to their daily lives. His spirit filled sermons have attracted hundreds and thousands of people to Calvary temple.

With God’s Grace, he built this temple in 52 days just as Nehemiah built the walls of Jerusalem. A church as big as a stadium, with a seating capacity of nearly 18,000 people, was built in just 52 days. All this happened because the Almighty had his blessings showering upon Bro. Satish Kumar.
Calvary Temple is indeed India’s largest Church and probably is one of the fastest growing churches in the World.

The Calvary temple has five services: 6:00 am, 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 5:30 pm – 7:00 (English service) and 6:00 pm

Active Shooter Response Training Tip

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Active Shooter incidents are unfortunately on the rise. It’s important to defend yourself and those around you. Here at Royal Range we teach different techniques to help you do just that, visit www.royalrangeusa.com to start training today!

Royal Range USA in Nashville, Tennessee is one of the Southeast’s premier firearms, archery and safety & tactical training destinations.

Opening at 10am each morning and closing at 8pm 7 days a week, Royal Range USA treats its customers to an amazing inventory of firearms and supportive products.

When final range construction is completed, every level of firearms training will be available. From the first time gun owner seeking a strong base of safety & gun familiarity training, to the seasoned law enforcement and military veteran refining their engagement techniques, Royal Range USA is setting a new standard in the firearms retail and range industry.

Make your plans to travel to 7741 U.S. 70, Nashville, TN 37221 to visit the retail store. You can also shop online at or call us at 615-646-9333.

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Royal Range USA
7741 US 70 S
Nashville, Tennessee, 37221

Next to the Bellevue Shoney’s at the I40 196 Exit